League Boundaries

Our top-quality fields are located at McPherson Athletic Complex (333. S. Prospect Ave., Orange, California).

Click here to view the boundaries for South Sunrise Little League.

If you reside within the red lines, or if your child attends Panorama, La Veta, McPherson, Chapman Hills, or Jordan, you may play for South Sunrise!

Boundary Exception: Regulation II(d) 

The Board of Directors of the Local League, with the approval of the player involved, reserves the right to continue as a player, any individual (1) whose residence changes from within the boundary to outside the league’s boundaries or (2) who lives outside the league's boundaries because of a revision of such boundaries if the child then resides in the territory of another league. Current Major League, Minor League, Tee Ball player, or any sibling whose brother or sister met the criteria under II(d) at one time may be retained. Any player meeting (1) or (2) above may be retained for the remainder of his/her career, including Little League, Senior, and Big League competition. Click here for the form.